Another Kolontar Disaster Waiting to Happen

Six million tons of the same red poison that claimed 5 lives and destroyed the environment at Kolontar, Hungary, are being stored in another similar reservoir in Tulcea, Romania.

Dangerously close to the Danube Delta, a unique habitat in Europe, and to the Black Sea. The disaster scenario could be so similar, it makes environmentalists shiver with horror.

Alum SA Tulcea is an aluminum plant with many previous infringements of the environmental regulations in Romania. It was fined, warned and sanctioned many times for having leaked alcaline gas into the athmosphere and for other offences. Now, the basin that stores 6 million tons of alcaline waste is giving nightmares to Romanians.

The plant’s representatives claim that the toxic pond poses no threat. None the less, a tragedy from 2006 showed a glimpse of the danger stored there: a man accidentally fell in the alcaline pond, with a pH of 16, and died a horrible death, being dissolved in the alcaline residu.

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