Ceauşescu, the Ultimate Leader on Facebook

He’s been dead for almost 21 years, but the ranks of his fans is on the rise again. Romania’s dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu has over 70 Facebook accounts – and one of them has over 400 friends.

One of the profiles, made to Nicolae Ceauşescu, born in Scorniceşti, on January the 16th 1918 – the exact personal details of the defunct Communist Party leader – claims that Ceauşescu is still alive, in Havana, Cuba. That is, in fact, one of the most circulated legends about Nicolae Ceauşescu’s fate after the revolution from December 1989.

Other historical figures also have Facebook accounts: Horia Sima and Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, commanders of the WWII Romanian Legion of Archangel Michael, supporters of Adolf Hitler, have considerably less friends than Nicolae Ceauşescu. Orthodox saints, like St. Parascheva, Andrei, Vasile, as well as the Orthodox Patriarch, Daniel, have “fan pages”. The Romanian Patriarchy made it clear, though, that the Patriarch doesn’t even have an email address.

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