Gipsy Party and Romanian Nationalists Share HQ’s

Unlikely as it may seem, it is only possible in Romania: the Roma Party and the nationalist movement “Noua Dreaptă” (the New Right Wing), sworn enemies, share a floor in a highly central office building in Bucharest.

Both organizations were given headquarters not only in the same building, but also on the same floor – and this was the beginning of a beautiful series of rows.

Many a time, Romanian nationalists and Roma activists clashed as they met on the hallways. One incident involved a pepper spray, allegedly triggered by a Romanian nationalist right in the face of a Roma representative.

When the Roma headquarters were spammed by “Death to Gipsies” flyers, the suspicions immediately were directed towards the New Right Wing activists, who denied any involvement. And the scandals go on…

The Roma claim they are being harrassed, while the Romanian nationalists reply that the Gipsies are trying to frame them, because the nationalist movement has foiled many of their plans to access European funds. “The money never gets to the poor Gipsies and it is always used for dodgy Gipsy music shows”, claim the Romanian nationalists.

“Noua Dreaptă” is a famous organization, that claims to defend the Romanian nation’s identity against “Gipsy contamination”. The organization has always been vocal about condemning the legalisation of homosexual relations, amongst other things.

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