“Spice Shops” are the New and Legal Drug Dealer

Two out of three drug addicts in Romania are now using the so-called “legal drugs”, sold out in the open in self-proclaimed “spice shops” or “ethnobothanical stores”, under the guise of “plant fertilizer”, “room deodorant” and so on.

In fact, their real use is to get high – and they give an instant form of addiction, according to specialists.

The black market value of heroin has decreased by half, since the advent of “legal drugs”, in 2009. Users have switched to the more convenient, legal version. But many legal drug users end up in psychiatric wards or committing suicide.

What seemed to be a nice prank on authorities only a year ago has now become a multi-million dollar business in Romania. Attempts by doctors to outlaw these substances have so far failed: every time a substance is banned, the providers simply replace it with something else.

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