Trilatteral Commission: “There Was No Crisis in Romania”

This is the verdict given by the Trilatteral Commission’s Summit in Bucharest, that ended on Sunday. According to the delegates, in Romania there were no bankruptcies in the banking sector and the state did not need to bail out any of the financial institutions. Moreover, Romania’s National Bank did not need to inject public money into the banking system, in order to keep it afloat. Nevertheless, Romanians have been told by politicians that the country is in dire straits for more than a year. On account of the “financial crisis in Romania”, the government borrowed 20 billion Euros from the IMF and ordered pay cuts and job axings in the public sector.

The Trilatteral Commission’s Summit in Bucharest gathered 390 delegates at the highest level. Officially, the topics discussed were nuclear disarmament and the future of NATO. The Romanian president, Traian Băsescu, hosted a state dinner in the honour of the delegates. The prime minister, Emil Boc, gave a welcome speech as the ceremonies opened. The rest of the topics discussed are still unclear.

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