Ukraine Causes Earthquake Scare in Romania

Ukrainian scientists at the Subbotin Geophysics Institute have announced that Romania is likely to be struck by a major earthquake very soon. They claim that Romania’s most active seismic area, Vrancea, is closing it’s tremor cycle and is approaching a major quake. Romania’s geophysicists, on the other hand, don’t seem to keen on sharing their Ukrainian counterparts’ views.

“They are probably starving and want to draw attention towards themselves, in order to gain more funding”, accuses Gheorghe Mărmureanu, Romania’s leading scientist in geophysics. “It is true that earthquakes that originate in Vrancea will radiate East, towards Ukraine, putting them in danger, but such quakes can not be predicted”, added Mărmureanu.

The last major earthquake in Romania was registered in 1990, but the most devastating were the one in 1977 and the one in 1940. So far, Romanian scientists have not recorded any abnormal seismic activity for the duration of this year.

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