Hell’s Wednesday in Bucharest

How else could one describe what is being expected in the Romanian capital city? Over a hundred thousand people will take to the streets, for very different reasons, all at the same time: protest, religion and sports. And, on top of that, the Parliament is expected to examine a vote of no confidence on the government, as proposed by the opposition.
On Wednesday, 80 thousand unionists will take to the streets to protest against the government’s pay cuts and lay-off plans, as well as to support the vote of no confidence requested by the opposition.
More scores of thousands are expected to come to the Patriarchy, to worship saints Dumitru and Dimitrie, whose celebration is on that day. Many people, from far across the country, are coming to be blessed at their shrines.

And, last but no least, there is a football match, between Steaua and Sportul Studenţesc, a game that counts for the Football Cup of Romania. Between 10 and 20 thousand supporters could be on the stadium, making life even harder both on law enforcement and on civilians.

Also, if the vote of no confidence is passed, the country will be short of a government, just before nightfall.

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