Dangerous Living: Repo Man in Romania

Threats, curses, bribes, physical violence: it is what the people in Romania’s latest line of work are up against in the line of duty. With more people not being able to pay their bank installments, repossession companies are now flourishing. They get more business than ever, but desperate people will do desperate things – and it’s desperate people they are up against.

Some of their targets fight back. Some with curses, others with their fists. Some try to bribe them, others try to bargain. Romania’s repo men are going out to confiscate anything, from cars and equipment to houses and property. In the case of cars, every month there are at least 10 new cases in Bucharest only, claim a repo company’s representatives. And the number of repossessed homes is now in the thousands. It is a business on the rise, as it takes a desperate person to send out to get another.

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