Gipsy House Burned in Vengeance, in Romania

Arson was the weapon of vengance for several villagers in Harghita, Romania, who say they’ve had enough thefts and robberies from a Gipsy family in the village. In the middle of the night, unknown persons set the Gipsy house alight. As the fire fighters rushed to the scene, they met an angry crowd who wouldn’t let them put out the flames. Eventually, special police forces were called, so that the fire fighters could do their job.

Villagers claim that the Gipsies in the village steal and terrorize the other locals. So far, investigators managed to establish that the fire was started by several men who threw Molotovs at the Gipsy house.

It’s not the first time such vendettas against Gipsies happen in Romania. In Apata, Braşov, over 100 Romanians attempted to lynch several Gipsies, who they accused of stealing their crops. And, in the early ’90s, several Gipsy houses were burned, claiming the lives of some of their inhabitants, in the Romanian village of Hădăreni.

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