Massive Rallies as Government Faces Vote of No Confidence

Over 80 thousand people are expected to take to the streets in Bucharest, Romania, today, in a massive protest rally against the government’s policies, as the Parliament is scheduled to examine a vote of no confidence against the executive.

The main opposition party has allegedly been offering support to protesters all across the country to come to Bucharest. Hundreds of buses packed with protesters have been arriving in the Romanian capital and a immense police force has been mobilised to ensure public order.

The centre of Bucharest has been closed for traffic as of 6:30 Romanian time (GMT plus 2) because of the rallies.

The opposition has filed for a vote of no confidence against the government, as a result of its policies regarding pay cuts in the public sector. If the parliament decides to give the executive a vote of no confidence, a new government will need to be named by the president of Romania, Traian Băsescu.

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