Romanians Gorge on 2 Billion Euros Worth of Junk Food

The 22 million strong Eastern European nation has discovered the fast food culture and it’s been taking it in big chunks. The value of Romania’s fast food industry exceeds 2 billion Euros per year, whilst the total amount of cash spent to burn the junk food calories barely reaches 300 million.

KFC Romania, for instance, is cashing in on 131.000 Euros per day, that is an increase of 13 percent as compared to 2009. KFC Romania’s fat money comes despite the fact that the company has not raised the prices on their menu since last year.

McDonald’s Romania also features 62 restaurants, each of them with an average daily income of 4.600 Euros. Burger King only has 6 establishments, who cash in 1.400 Euros each day – half a million per year, on average.

Meanwhile, Romanians are facing an increase in obesity cases, one out of three Romanians being either overweight or seriously obese.

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