Mass Grave Raises Holocaust Massacre Questions in Romania

A mass grave containing an unestimated number of bodies, dating most likely from the Second World War, has been discovered in Iaşi, Romania. Archaeologists, prosecutors and Jewish representatives now investigate the possibility of the grave being the site of a mass execution carried out in the early 1940s against Jews.

Scientists have discovered in the grave civilian pieces of clothes, some belonging to women. The bullets and the shells found by the bodies bear the marks of the Romanian army’s ordnance at the time.

Eye witness accounts from villagers who were children in 1940 confirm that civilians were indeed executed in the forest near Iaşi. Some give shockingly detailed accounts of women holding their children by the dug graves, awaiting to be executed.

A historically certified extermination campaign against the Jews was carried out in June 1941 near Iaşi. An estimated number of 13.266 Jews of all ages were killed in the thee days of the extermination campaign.

The archaeological site was closed by prosecutors, pending investigations. Archaeologists expect to find at least another mass grave at the site, once the diggings are resumed.

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