Election Candidates Taken Off-Air in Moldova

Sergiu Mocanu, one of the many candidates in the Moldovan early elections scheduled for November the 28th, has been taken off air and removed from the set of Publika TV, after having refused to comply to the rules of debates on Sunday evening, informs Unimedia.

Mocanu, also the leader of a national “anti-mafia” campaign supported by Publika’s main competitor, Jurnal TV, went off topic twice and was told repeatedly by the anchor to comply. None the less, instead of discussing agriculture, the issue of the debate, Mocanu charged his oponents with accusations of corruption. Mocanu also made several hints at Publika TV’s alleged loan from a local company, said to be controlled by Mocanu’s target of choice, Vladimir Plahotniuc.

The anchor asked the producers to stop the broadcast and then Mocanu was removed from the set. This is the second time a candidate gets banned at Publika TV in less than a week. Vladimir Voronin, the leader of the Communists’ Party of Moldova, was banned from appearing at Publika TV during this campaign, after he allegedly used unappropriate language over a live phone interview.

The early elections in Moldova are scheduled for Sunday, November the 28th. According to the latest surveys, only four parties – the Communists and the current governing coalition – will make it into parliament. Moldova’s legislative has yet to elect a president, as the country lacks a head of state since the two failed rounds of elections in 2009.

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