AIDS Patients’ Medicines Disappear from Market

Romania’s 12 thousand AIDS patients brace for their worst nightmare, as vital medicines needed for their treatment started to disappear from the market, according to news portal Hotnews. Patients have started to be put on waiting lists before receiving treatment, while many of those under treatment are forced to borrow drugs from each other, in order not to break the cure. That is because some of the vital drugs in their treatment plan are simply nowhere to be found.

Patients in at least five Romanian counties (Suceava, Iaşi, Vrancea, Brăila and Arad) can’t find the full treatment plan in drugstores. The situration was confirmed by dr. Carmen Dorobăţ, manager of the Iaşi Infectious Disease Hospital “St. Parascheva”. Breaking the treatment leads to an immunisation of the virus and thus makes further treatment both more difficult and more expensive.

The situation was caused by the fact that both the Health Department and the National Health Insurance company lack the money needed to purchase the medicine. One patient has already sued the National Health Insurance for depriving him of his right to medical treatment, under Romanian law.

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