Wikileaks: Political Leaders’ Biometric Data, A Diplomatic Priority

Romanian political leaders’ biometric data were one of the intelligence priorities of the US State Department’s officers in Bucharest, it is revealed by several classified documents published by Wikileaks.

According to an alleged secret telegram sent out on June the 16th 2008 by the State Department, diplomats are being given clear orders as to document “biometric data about the current and ascending Romanian leaders”. The document is signed by state secretary Hillary Clinton.

Washington asked diplomats for an exhaustive list of phone and fax number, as well as private and business email addresses of the main political, military and civilian leaders in Romania. The order also pointed out that other information, such as state of health, personality traits, financial situation and personal weaknesses were to be collected. The document also asked that officers document the nature of the existing relations between political leaders – president, prime minister, magistrates and secret service chiefs.

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