Safest Ride in Bucharest: the Jesus Cab

Riding in a taxi in Bucharest is usually about dirty cars, ill spirited drivers who chat about their most personal details on their mobiles while driving, Gipsy music and bad conversation, whether the client wants it or not. And, of course, if the client is a foreigner, most likely a very “special price”, five times higher. Not much is being offered in terms of alternative – or wasn’t, to be more precise. With the advent of the Christian taxi drivers in Romania’s capital, clients are being given the chance of being taken to their destination and being given free spiritual advice.

20 or more Christian drivers have taken a vow of not using profanities while driving – a rare thing in Bucharest. They carry no baseball bats, as most cab drivers do, they play only Christian hymns in their car stereos and the conversation they start has only got to do with salvation.

One can tell their cars by the Christian signs posted on their windshields. The leader of the group is a Pentecostal taxi driver who has rallied the support of various fellow drivers from other Christian denominations. They are now being taught how to carry a clean, soul oriented conversation with their clients. Their goal is to convince clients to turn their lives over to Jesus, the great driver in the sky. And while clients have to pay for their fare, the Christian drivers insist that salvation be free, whether the clients like it or not.

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