Romanian Judge Rules In Favour Of Cannabis Cultivators

Two Romanian students, charged with cultivating cannabis, have been released from arrest pending their trial, after a judge ruled that the young suspects pose no threat to society. Andrei Cristescu, aged 21, and Andreea Ioana Tudorache, aged 26, were arrested on December the 9th 2010. They admitted to prosecutors that they had been growing their own marijuana in their flat and that they had been using it as a drug. The suspects also confessed that they had given marijuana to their friends.

Prosecutors who searched their apartment found 17 pots of cannabis, seeds, a vegetable shredding machine and high precision scales. But the judge ruling on their subsequent arrest warrant, Mrs. Iosefina Pârvu, decided that the youths pose no danger to society. Furthemore, she added – in a 300 word motivation – that cannabis has been a traditional crop in Romania for centuries and it has various uses, from industry to medicine.

This ruling is without precedent in Romania, a country where possession or use of cannabis is punished with prison terms from 3 to 15 years. Meanwhile, in Romania’s controversial “weed shops”, anyone can buy legal drugs, with effects much more devastating than cannabis use, but with no legal consequences.

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