Danone Versus the EU: The Yogurt Wars

In a press release, Danone Romania announces that the company is going to challenge the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) decision that bans the dairy producer from advertising the alleged health benefits of its yogurts. Previously, the EFSA deemed as insufficient the scientific data that prove the connection between the use of Danone’s Actimel, said to contain the pro-biotic bacterium L. Casei 114001 and the reduction of the risk in developing diarrhoea in elder people under antibiotics treatment, risks associated with the presence of the Clostridium difficile bacterium in the intestine. Danone wishes to challenge the EFSA decision within 30 days.

Danone Romania has registered a turnover of over 100 million Euros in Romania and employs around 700 people. The company produces and markets over 60 brands, among which the most popular are Activia, Danonino, Actimel, Nutriday, Cremosso, Danette and Casa Bună.

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