Hackers: “We Crashed VISA for Wikileaks!”

“It was us who crashed the VISA and MasterCard websites, in order to retaliate for Julien Assange’s arrest” was the confession made by a self-proclaimed hacker from Romania, part of the Anonymous group that claimed responsibility for the cyber attacks on the card companies’ servers. “It was a sit-in DDoS attack, which is a Distributed Denial of Service. In lay terms, this means we blocked the access to those servers by sending numerous requests. We did not affect any transactions, our purpose was to draw attention”, added the hacker who wished to remain unnamed. The interview also contained a warning from the hacker group, saying that they will act again “wherever there will be abuses from governments and corporations that infringe citizens’ rights. As our ranks thicken, we also increase our capacity to hit more targets. We are considering our future actions”, added the hacker.

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