Probably the World’s Drunkest Man on Christmas

An unnamed man was admitted to the emergency room at “Sf. Ioan” Hospital in Iaşi, Romania, on Christmas day 2010, in an alcohol induced coma, with a blood-alcohol level of 6 miligrams of pure alcohol per litre of blood. The man confessed to the doctors, after he was pulled out of the coma, that he had drunk the equivalent of over five pints of strong Romanian brandy – over two litres. The liquor in question usually has an alcohol concentration of over 40 percent and may range to 60 percent of pure alcohol in volume. This is Romania’s highest recorded level of blood-alcohol concentration, according to doctors. Anyone with 2 miligrams of pure alcohol per litre is usually already dead, confirmed medical sources. Another 20 other Romanians were admitted in the same hospital, on the same day, because of alcohol abuse or because of legal drugs overdose.

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