Gruesome Discoveries After Crime of Passion: Woman’s Family also Murdered

The mother and the father of the woman pushed to her death in the Danube Canal on Monday evening were also found dead in their home, 24 hours after the initial incident, it has been revealed by media and police sources. The first to be discovered was the woman’s mother, whose dead body was found stashed in a closet in her house, bearing visible marks of violence. Hours later, investigators also found the woman’s father, dead, under a bed in the same house.

On Monday evening, a 30 years old man has forced his 21 years old wife out of their car and into the Danube Canal, throwing himself along in the water. They both lost their lives in the incident. The only eyewitness to the terrible scene is a 14 years old boy, the 21 years old woman’s brother, who was in the same car with the couple. He gave the police a detailed account of a terrible fight between the two, just before the woman was dragged into the waters.

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