Woman “Back From the Dead” After Two Weeks’ Coma

A 30 years old woman from Romania has made an unexpected recovery, after having been in a deep coma for 14 days and declared “clinically dead”. Loredana Jalbă, from Galaţi, Romania, was the victim of a freak accident, after a piece of rubble falling off an old building hit her in the head just before Christmas 2010.

After 5 days spent in a deep coma, the doctors had lost all hope, as her vitals were not showing any sign of recovery. After 13 days, she made a spectacular recovery. The woman remembers the incident that got her hospitalized and she also claims that she remembers her time in a coma.

“It was dark, I was scared. I didn’t hear nor did I see anything all this while. I remember the accident, that moment kept playing in slow motion, as though it lasted ages. I dreamt about my husband, the doctors, some of my co-workers, I re-lived moments of my life, just like in a movie. I always had the feeling that there were people around me”, said Loredana.

Such recoveries are very rare, says dr. Nicolae Bacalbaşa, the hospital’s spokesman. According to him, the patients that do not recover after the first 5 days usually never recover at all.

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