How Come Mexican Cartel Wars Are Fought With Romanian Weapons

Weapons left behind by Mexican drug soldiers after fierce battle

As many as one in five assault rifles confiscated in Mexico during the cartel wars of 2010 was made in Romania and imported through the Unites States of America, as it is revealed in a report byPublicIntegrity. At least 500 Romanian replicas of the famous AK 47 were retrieved after bloody battles with the drug lords in Mexico. Drug dealers prefer Romanian weapons, as they pack massive fire power in a very tight and compact shape, they are reliable, almost never break down and they are cheap to buy.

Romania’s versions of AK 47 have been massively imported into the USA since 2005. Stripped of their military features, they comply perfectly with the US laws that only allow the import of weapons for sports and entertainment. But, for a weapons expert, it is simple to return the rifle back to military capacity: that is making it able to fire bursts of rounds and adding a bayonet, basically. After being modified this way, the Romanian assault rifles were being shipped to Mexico.

Since 2005, the amount of weapons exported by Romania into the US rose well into the tens of thousands, according to sources.

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