Legal drug baron: “I don’t smoke my sh!*, it ruins memory!”

One of the many "spice shops" that sell legal drugs in Romania

But it returns investment 25 to 1, as it is revealed in an exclusive story by Romanian newspaper EVZ. Romania has seen an explosive development of “weed shops” or “spice shops” since 2008 – a nickname for stores that sell legal drugs under the guise of “plant fertilizers” or “room deodorants”. The man behind the business admitted that he used to smoke up to three joints of his stuff, but that he quit, as it is “bad for the memory” and it affects his business.

The active compounds are imported from China for a mere $1000 per kilo, mixed with herbs and then sold for as much as $25.000 in doses that weigh 0.5 grams each. There are now over 100 weed shops in Romania, under the franchise of Alin Rotaru, the certified legal drug baron of the country. He claims that the return rate is 100% or 200%, but not more. “My compounds cost up to $15.000 per kilogram”, replied Rotaru.

Drug enforcement agencies in Romania have been struggling to outlaw the spice shops but, so far, they have only managed to outlaw several compounds, that have been quickly replaced. Rotaru himself was arrested in 2008, but released quickly, as police could not find any illegal substance in his possession. Although in the raid the officers found huge amounts of money, Rotaru claims that he yet has to make his first million.

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