Fattest Man In Romania Lost 400 Pounds, Now Anemic

Mr. Jurcă, after having lost 400 pounds, now weighs just 280

After shedding the equivalent of two and a half average sized men’s weight, Stelian Jurcă is now in serious condition, suffering from anemia and not being able to get out of bed. He was diagnosed in 2010 with morbid obesity, with a weight of 350 kilograms (nearly 700 pounds). After having undertaken a stomach by-pass surgical procedure, he has managed to shed more than half of his weight in less than a year, but his life is now hanging in the balance.

“Sadly, Mr. Jurcă did not follow the treatment that we’ve recommended – physical therapy, diet, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals. He was diagnosed with urinary infection and anemia and, had he not come to us, we would have lost him”, explained dr. Cătălin Copăescu, the physician in charge with the patient.

The doctor added that such bad developments are rare and that 99 percent of the patients who undergo a stomach bypass experience a good post-surgery evolution. Doctors are confident that they will be able to put Mr. Jurcă back on his feet.

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