Paedophile’s Victim, Suspect of Murder In “Sheer Blind Fury”

The teenage murder suspect (Photo: Adevărul)

A gruesome murder case in Constanţa, Romania, has but one 14 years old suspect: a young boy that has, allegedly, been sexually abused by the now dead 39 years old man who died a very brutal death. The deceased had been reported missing by his family three days before he was found in a blood-covered 6 feet deep cellar. Investigators interviewed the young boy and, according to sources, found out that the murder victim had tried repeatedly to molest him sexually – the last time being close to the day of the murder. The 14 years old boy is expected to be heard by a court on Wednesday, for a ruling on whether to arrest him or not. The story between the boy and the murder victim goes back a long time.

Several years ago, the boy was the target of sexual misconduct from one of his male neighbours. The boy and his grandmother reported an assault to the police, but law enforcers lacked the evidence to arrest the neighbour. Witnesses confirmed that the 39 years old has been last seen alive in the company of  the 14 years old, very close to their homes. The young boy told the prosecutors that, on the day of the murder, the 39 years old man had again attempted to molest him and that he struck back in defense. Forensics confirm that the victim’s body had been the target of extremely violent blows that bear the mark of “sheer blind fury and anger”.

Specialists are already blaming the fact that the boy was never given post-traumatic counseling, as he never was, legally, an abuse victim – his alleged assailant having not been convicted. The boy’s father is now working abroad and it is possible that, in his absence, the paedophile neighbour to have attempted new sexual assaults on the boy.

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