Three Days In Hell: Beaten, Tied Up And Left To Die

The victim bears the terrible marks of brutality (Photo: ProTV)

It happened to an 18 years old boy from Constanţa, Romania, who managed to survive for three days, tied up and abandoned on a field close to his home village. The blame points now to his drinking buddies with whom he had gone to a party on Friday evening. On the road, he and the two suspects had a row. They got him out of the car, beat him almost senseless, tied him up and left abandoned him in a field close to Medgidia. The victim was found, barely alive, by a sheep herder, three days later. Rushed to a hospital, he was stabilized and is now out of danger. The criminal spree of his two companions, claim police sources, didn’t end with that one aggression.

The next day, according to investigators, the two drinking buddies managed to go to the neighbouring county of Călăraşi, where they allegedly raped a girl. The two suspects have been arrested and are now facing charges of battery, attempted murder and kidnapping, for which they risk 10 years in prison.

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