Former Cop Shoots Ex-Wife, Daughter And Himself

Nelu Gruia shot his former spouse and his 24 years old daughter before killing himself

Nelu Gruia, the former chief of the Fire Arms Department in the Dolj County, Romania, has shot his ex-wife and his 24 years old daughter, on Tuesday morning, in circumstances that are yet unclear. Neighbours in the Ford district of Craiova heard gunfire and a woman saw the couple’s daughter trying to escape. Seconds later she was shot down by her father. The girl managed to tell the terrified witness that the former police officer had shot her mother, as well. After the assault, the former cop turned his gun, a 9mm Glock, on himself.

The police officer died hours later in the Dolj County hospital. Sources close to the family quote as possible reasons for the attacks followed by suicide the divorce between Nelu Gruia and his ex-wife. They had divorced as of February the 10th 2011. Several sources claim that the ex-wife, who hasn’t yet been named, was having romantic affairs since before the separation. The same sources claim that the couple’s 24 years old daughter, also unnamed so far, was suspected by her father of using drugs. She was studying in Switzerland and was also, claim sources, involved in a relationship that her father didn’t approve. The daughter is now in critical condition in the Dolj County hospital.

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