Osama, Depicted As The Devil In A Romanian Church

"The devil as bin Laden", in the Military Chapel of Timişoara, Romania

Osama bin Laden riding a Boeing 707 head on towards the Twin Towers and holding a trident-like pitchfork in his right hand – this is the Devil impersonated on a fresco in a Romanian orthodox church in Timişoara. The Military Chapel, where the peculiar icon is hosted, was refurbished in 2001 by two local artists. With the image of the 9-11 attacks still vivid in their memories, the painters decided to use Osama bin Laden’s face to impersonate the Devil. Worshipers, however, don’t seem to like the idea of bin Laden’s icon in their church very much.

“How can they let this happen? I do not come to my church to worship the Devil!”, one local woman complained to a reporter. “The idea to paint bin Laden came from the painters, Ion and Ana Bădilă. We think the idea is very original and we do not intend to change the icon, even though we usually wouldn’t be allowed to represent new characters on our churches’ walls”, pointed out Marius Florescu, a spokesperson for the local orthodox church. So far, no higher order was given to remove the image, this meaning that Osama bin Laden may represent the image of the Devil in that icon into eternity.

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