“Stereo Love” Reaches 160 Million Hits on Youtube

Edward Maya  and Vika Jigulina, the two Romanian artists behind the international dance hit “Stereo Love”, have good reasons to celebrate. Their song was not only awarded the “Top Dance Song” distinction at the Billboard Music Awards 2011 in Las Vegas, but it also reached an amazing number of hits on Youtube: more than 160 million people watched it, most of them playing the official version of the video clip. The jury chose to award the two Romanians’ song over two nominations of none other than Lady Gaga. The song itself has an intricate story that links Romania to a former Soviet republic, Azerbadjan. 

The Romanian song was recorded in 2009 and immediately a claim of copyright infringement came to the Romanian Office for Copyright from Eldar Mansurov, an Azeri composer. He claimed that “Stereo Love” featured parts of his composition “Bayatilar”, a claim later confirmed both by the Office and by Edward Maya himself. The Romanian artist said that he had tried to reach the Azeri composer prior to the release, but couldn’t reach him. The dispute was later settled in Baku, Azerbadjan, where the two artists signed a document recognising the double authorship.

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