Police Warning: Beware of Cheating Cab Drivers in Bucharest!

While in Bucharest, you may find yourself cheated or even driven home by a drunk taxi driver. They may be hard to avoid, though, because there are simply too many of them. A police raid on Monday night revealed that dozens of taxi drivers had their cabs rigged to cheat. Several devices meant to add up extra figures to the fare had been cleverly concealed within the cars, the police revealed. With a simple push of a button, the driver would be able to increase the sum on the metre without the client even suspecting it. Most concerning is that the devices were found installed in cars belonging to reputed taxi companies, usually thought as “safe” to ride with.

Cab drivers admitted frankly to having set up the devices, claiming that “life is hard in Romania”. During Monday’s raid in Bucharest, the police revoked 17 driving licences, several more taxi permits and opened 14 cases of criminal pursuit. Most of the latter, it was revealed by a police spokesperson, on the grounds of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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