Weapon Drawn in Romanian Parliament Hearing, Live on TV

Constantin Duţu, the Broadcast Council member who drew the weapon

A member of the Romanian Broadcast Council has pulled a pistol during a hearing in front of the Culture Committee of the Romanian Parliament. Constantin Duţu was to testify on Wednesday afternoon in front of the committee when, at 14:00 hours Romanian time, he drew a pistol and placed it on the table, in front of the MPs. He then put it back in a briefcase, but immediately drew it back in front of the live television cameras. Immediately after, Constantin Duţu was removed from the committee’s chambers.

He later explained that the pistol was not a real weapon, but a replica which he had purchased in 1986, from a tobacconist. He claims to have used the replica as a prop weapon for the play “Bonnie and Clyde”. Later, said he, the secret Communist police allegedly persecuted him because of the said replica. None the less, the replica resembles perfectly a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol and several journalists on the scene believed themselves in actual danger.

Duţu was being investigated by the parliament’s committee, under suspicions of being incompatible with his position in the Council. Threatening with a replica weapon is also considered a crime, under the Romanian law. It is yet unclear how was Constantin Duţu able to get the replica weapon past the security checkpoints in the Romanian Parliament.

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