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December 8, 2013

Chevron’s Fence Torn Down By Villagers in Pungești

Angry villagers in Pungești, Romania, tear down the fence surrounding the Chevron shale gas prospecting site, built against the locals’ opposition to the project. Riot police stands helplessly by. December 6th 2013.

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February 18, 2011

Cab Driver Beaten To Death Over Parking Place

A 49 years old taxi driver from Bucharest was beaten to death by an 22 years old driver, Wednesday night, in a row over a parking place. The young man was trying to park his car in a relatively crowded zone in the Romanian capital. The taxi driver reportedly started to honk at him aggressively, trying to prompt him to speed up. According to the eye witnesses, the suspect was so annoyed by the honking that he got out of his car and started to hit the cab driver.

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February 11, 2011

Two Women Killed In Ammunition Plant Explosion

Another man was wounded in what seems to have been an industrial accident at an ammunition factory in Sadu, Romania. Fire was still present on the scene at noon, as fire fighters were attempting to put it out. It is yet unclear what lead to the explosion, but the plant has a long history of similar incidents. 

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February 4, 2011

Judges To Rule On Spanish Request To Extradite Moldovan National

Anatolie "Tolea" Ciumac, a rogue star in Romania (photo: Mediafax)

Anatolie Ciumac, a Moldovan national residing in Romania, was held on Thursday by Romanian prosecutors, following a request filed by Spanish authorities. He was eventually released, pending a ruling over his arrest by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Ciumac, a professional fighter with connections to the crime underworld, is the subject of an international arrest warrant. He stands accused of an incident occured in 2002, in a Spanish penitentiary. He has a long record of violent incidents both in Romania and abroad. Among them, he tried to litterally bin a TV presenter while being a guest in a live show.

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November 2, 2010

MiG Fighter Pilots Died as Heroes, Attempting to Save Village

Captain-commander Laurenţiu Chiriţă and captain-commander Sorin Avram, both aged 40, lost their lives while trying to avoid the collision with several civilian houses, as their aircraft was plummetting towards the ground. They could have easily ejected from the falling plane, but this would have sent the craft hurdling out of control into a village. This is the most likely version to the incident that happened on Monday at Câmpia Turzii, Romania, as the pilots were returning from a weather reconnaissance mission aboard a Romanian MiG 21 Lancer jet fighter.

The airplane smashed into the ground only metres away from several civillian homes in the village of Călăraşi and less than a mile from the runway they were heading to for landing. According to eye-witness reports, the aircraft came very close to the ground, then pulled up abruptly and then came back nose down, diving into the earth.
The pilots had more than a thousand hours of flight, most of them on the same type of aircraft they met their death in. Chiriţă was also the commander of the 71 Airbase in Câmpia Turzii. Both pilots had received training from the US Airforce and were preparing for a joint exercise with their American counterparts, scheduled on Thursday.

The MiG 21 Lancer is the modernized version of the Soviet MiG 21, with enhanced avionics made by the Israeli company Elbit. All of Romania’s MiG 21 jet fighters have been grounded, until the cause of the accident is elucidated.

Romania has some 100 MiG 21 jet fighters, over 30 years old, but their flight resource will expire in 2012. The Romanian government had planned to purchase 24 F16 planes to replace them, but the crisis forced Romania to abandon the plan.

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October 25, 2010

Mutu: the Waiter’s Racist Insults Tipped Me Over

Romanian football player Adrian Mutu admitted to the incident in Firenze, where he attacked an Albanian waiter, but claims that he was provoked. “The waiter threw racist slur at me, saying that I should die just like the nurse in Rome”.

In the Full Up club, where the incident took place, there were allegedly other Albanian patrons, who also commented in racist terms about Mutu’s presence in the bar. Earlier that evening, Mutu asked for a bodyguard escort home, where he had left his wallet, so that he could pay the bill for the evening. After having settled the amount, the waiter allegedly called Mutu a Gipsy and said that he should die, like all Romanians in Italy.

After the incident, Mutu and the Albanian waiter, Berat Racaj, made peace. Mutu’s coach, Serbian Sinisa Mihajlovic, also said that he wants no consequences from the incident.

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