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December 8, 2013

Chevron’s Fence Torn Down By Villagers in Pungești

Angry villagers in Pungești, Romania, tear down the fence surrounding the Chevron shale gas prospecting site, built against the locals’ opposition to the project. Riot police stands helplessly by. December 6th 2013.

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February 10, 2011

Police Agents Filmed Having Sex On The Job

Surveillance was never more exciting...

It was one of the unexpected results of the anti-graft investigation recently conducted in Romania and targeted at the border police and customs services. At Stamora Moraviţa, on the Western Romanian border, the surveillance equipment installed to catch bribes in the act did catch something in the act, but not bribes.

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February 8, 2011

UPDATE: Border Police Disarmed, Officers’ Homes Searched

Map of Romanian border crossing points

Anti corruption investigators that raided several border crossing points in Romania, on Tuesday morning, disarmed dozens of border police officers. Tens of houses, belonging to customs workers and border police officers, were also raided with the aid of special operations troops. Another police raid was confirmed just after 08:00 AM Romanian time (GMT plus 2) in Argeş county.

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February 8, 2011

New Anti Corruption Raid On Romanian Border

Stamora Moraviţa, one of the border points raided on Tuesday morning

Several Romanian border crossing points were completely blocked on Tuesday morning, as anti corruption officers raided them simultaneously. Prosecutors and special operations officers are now searching the customs at Năidaş, Stamora Moraviţa, Oraviţa, Deta, Cruceni, Argeş, Giurgiu, Dolj and several other locations, according to police sources. 

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February 3, 2011

Massive Arrests in Romanian Border Police

Massive special ops troops were deployed to make the arrest (Photo: Adevărul)

Almost 80 border police officers and customs workers were arrested early on Thursday, following a long secret inquest conducted by anti-corruption investigators, informs Antena 3. According to police sources, the officers and workers involved managed to squeeze bribes of around 50.000 Euros every day from Moldovan and Ukrainian cigarette smugglers.

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December 7, 2010

Police Protest: All the Cops in Mass Resignation

The town of Mioveni, in Argeş County, Romania, came a step closer to becoming a lawless town, after it was left with only two of its 33 local law enforcers. 31 of them simply quit their jobs on the same day, in protest towards salary cuts. The police officers were being paid less than 100 Euros a month, after the Romanian government decided to cut their salaries by 25 percent and to also suspend their bonuses. The mayor of the 35.000 strong town of Mioveni says he understands their grief, but that he can not overturn a government decision. Luckily, the law in Mioveni is still being enforced by a contingent of national police – whose officers have suffered the same reduction in pay as their local counterparts.

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November 3, 2010

Teachers Demand “School Police” in Romania

It is the initiative of a Romanian high-school headmaster in the county of Gorj. The mayor of Târgu Jiu is now examining his request for the creation of a special branch in the local police service, one that will tackle school issues exclusively.

This comes after a long series of school violence in Romania, one that culminated with the killing of a 17 years old student in Craiova. Very often, teachers are also the subject of violence and theats from their own students, disgruntled by the low grades they are often given.

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October 21, 2010

Run Over by Drunk Police Officer, Killed by Ambulance

It happened to a 15 years old girl in Russia, as the car she was in got smashed into by a drunk police officer, who was driving his personal car. The other two young women who were in the victim’s vehicle also suffered injuries. But, as the ambulance arrived at the scene, it ran into the 15 years old teenager and killed her.

The incident happened in a town called langa Kargosok, from the Tomsk Region. This is the latest from a series of similar incidents. In another case, the prosecutors from the Kursk Region have identified the author of a hit and run accident as the deputy chief of the Sovietsky district. The policeman, who was allegedly driving drunk, smashed into a 16 years old girl and killed her.

In April 2010, another drunk police officer, in the Moscow suburbs, drove his car into a woman and her 9 years old daughter, killing the child. And, in March this year, another drunk police officer killed a pregnant woman, in Moscow.

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October 21, 2010

Police Spokesman Goes Into Underwear Business

100 percent cotton, flexible – this is the new concept of men’s underwear that the Bucharest Police spokesman, Christian Ciocan, would like to create and to promote, with the help of fashion designer Cătălin Botezatu.

After 20 years of serving in the police, Ciocan gained a vast amount of popularity and awareness in Romania and he’s decided to make use of his image. He began his police career as a street agent, but slowly moved up the ladder. His career picked up after being promoted as the Bucharest Police spokesman, in 2005.

Ciocan is also an enthusiast of motorbikes and has openly admitted to being hopelessly inlove with Svetlana “Ceca” Raznatovica, famous Serbian pop singer, Arkan’s widow. It’s unclear when his first collection of men’s underwear will be shown, but Ciocan (Romanian for “Hammer”) is counting on Botezatu’s help.

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October 17, 2010

All-Out War: Gipsies Clash with Police

For a second night in a row, police special forces fought hundreds of angry Gipsies in Glina, on the outskirts of Bucharest. The angry mob attacked law enforcers with stones, after having blocked several roads. Police retaliated with smoke grenades, tear gas and batons and after hours of tension managed to restore public order.

The Gipsies were angry at the way authorities are handling a case of murder, whose victim was a Gipsy. The murder happened three days ago and the 18 years old victim’s family claims that the culprit is the son of an influential local business man. The victim was killed with an axe and his relatives claim that the suspect has previously commited other serious offences, but was never investigated.

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