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February 23, 2011

Paedophile Convict James Connor To Appeal

Convicted paedophile James Connor is going to appeal against the ruling that sentenced him to a total of 22 year behind bars in Romania. The announcement was made by his new barrister, Ciprian Mitoşeru. “Of course we shall appeal against the sentence. The court’s decision seems extreme to me, as long as the children declared one thing during the prosecution phase and then they changed their statements in court”, said Mitoşeru.

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February 18, 2011

Same Sex Marriage, Almost Legalized In Romania


And it’s worth mentioning that by mistake, too. A Romanian MP has submitted into parliamentary debate a bill about the legalization of concubinage relationships by a non-marriage procedure. The project would allow citizens to get legal status for their relationship outside marriage, under the signature of a notary. What the Romanian MP forgot to mention was the gender of the citizens, leaving way for same sex couples to legalize their status.

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February 11, 2011

Romania’s Eurovision Contestant In Web Cam Sex Row

Cancan claims they have an exact copy of the lines exchanged (Photo: Cancan)

David Bryan, who will represent Romania in the Eurovision song contest of 2011, is in the middle of an embarassing sexual row, after Romanian tabloid Cancan published an alleged sexual conversation attributed to the singer and to a young lady from the same country. David Bryan, frontman of Hotel FM, allegedly met the woman online and started a very sexually charged conversation, mostly conducted in English, while his official girlfriend was reportedly sleeping in the next room. According to Cancan, the singer described to the young woman details of how he would like to sexually engage her, showed her his genitalia on a webcam and even masturbated.

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February 10, 2011

Police Agents Filmed Having Sex On The Job

Surveillance was never more exciting...

It was one of the unexpected results of the anti-graft investigation recently conducted in Romania and targeted at the border police and customs services. At Stamora Moraviţa, on the Western Romanian border, the surveillance equipment installed to catch bribes in the act did catch something in the act, but not bribes.

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February 9, 2011

James Connor – back in Romanian Court

Pedophile suspect James Connor is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, facing charges of child pornography and sex with a minor. The Vaslui tribunal is to be given more evidence from another two child witnesses that were not able to testify at the previous hearing on January the 21st. On February the 2nd, Connor studied the evidence against him in the court library.

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December 4, 2010

Sex Addiction’s Ultimate Cure: Holy Therapy

It may seem that the Orthodox metropolitan church in Iaşi, Romania, wishes to go up close and personal with its parishers diagnosed with sexual addiction. Several dozens men and women alike are being treated, twice a week, by one of the church’s therapists, in a bid to rid them of what lay persons and people of the cloth agreed on calling a “shameful addiction“.

First, all of the patients are asked to fill out a quiz form of 25 questions, that will establish whether the person is or is not a genuine sex addict. Having cleared that out, the patient begins the 40 steps therapy.

According to the priests, most of the patients are in their 40s and have a higher degree of education. Therapy sessions are equally attended both by men and women alike, as the compulsive sexual behavious is just as frequent in both genders, claim church officials.

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November 11, 2010

Gay Priests’ Church Orgies Trigger Scandal in Romania

Constantin Corceagu, the parisher of St. Nicolae-Coastă church from Slatina, Romania, has caused outrage after pictures of him in the company of young men appeared on an investigations website. A lot of the photos, many of them very explicite, lead to the conclusion that the priest and several other young men would have been engaging in gay orgies, either in the parish house or in rooms within the church compound.

The priest, aged 57, is known for tutoring young men who wish to seek a career within the church – and this was confirmed by high Orthodox church officials. The same officials announced that they would suspend the priest, pending an investigation based on the photographs supplied by the investigation journalists.

This is hardly the first case when an Orthodox priest in Romania is accused of homosexual conduct. In Romania, gay relationships are legal, but the Orthodox church strongly forbids them.

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November 11, 2010

MPs and TV Stars in Prostitution Row in Romania

A top model agency in Romania was acting as a prostitution ring, supplying girls for the country’s highest and mightiest, claim Romanian prosecutors. Several dozens of girls were recruited and convinced to offer sex for money, under the promises of glamourous careers in television. The young girls were also being promised the chance of marrying rich men.

Robert Negoiţă and Nicolae Bănicioiu are two of the MPs that have allegedly paid for sex with the girls supplied by Star Models and Diva Models, the modelling agencies that supposedly acted as covers for the prostitution business. Adrian Enache, a famous Romanian singer and Răzvan Nicolescu, manager of TVR 2, are also on the alleged client list. Several other suspected crime ring leaders are among the clients named by the prosecution. All men have either denied the allegation or refused to answer them.

This is the second recent case of suspected prostitution under the cover of modelling agencies targeted at politicians and other public figures in Romania.

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November 1, 2010

Priest Preaches Oral Sex to Teenage Girls

Worshippers in Romania are shocked, after a tabloid revealed an orthodox priest’s approach to confessing teenage girls. “I won’t ask about oral sex, because all the girls do it, but if you go for anal, at least use lubrication” – these are the alleged words that a 15 years old girl from Bucharest has been told in the confessional.

The teenager went with her mother for their confession at Cernica monastery, close to Bucharest. To their shock, the priest told gave both of them the same piece of advice: “Oral sex isnt’ too much of a sin, but don’t do anal, it will bring a curse on you.”

The girl and her mother left the confession in horror. The Romanian orthodox patriarchy hasn’t yet commented on the allegation.

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